Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) Investor Relations Kit

GLENN CHARLESWORTH Chief Financial Officer Glenn Charlesworth is chief financial officer of CSRH. He is a seasoned C-Suite executive with a solid track record of implementing effective and innovative business solutions to achieve strong and dependable finan- cial control and reporting structures necessary to support all levels of management. A decisive and energetic manager, Mr. Charlesworth has shown the ability to resolve complex financial and accounting challenges across private and public sectors with core competencies in financial reporting, strategic planning, general management and operations, finance, start-up situations, and cash flow challenged operations. Mr. Charlesworth is experienced in recruiting, motivating, developing, and retaining talent within a values-oriented team framework. Mr. Charlesworth is the founder and president of CFO Advisory Services, Inc., an Arkansas corporation, providing management and financial advisory services to companies nationwide. In addition, he has served in executive leadership roles for various companies including SEC reporting companies operating in the software development and payment process- ing industries, Equity Media Holdings Corporation, Equity Broadcasting Corporation and Cytomedix, Inc. Before entering the private sector, Mr. Charlesworth was a CPA in public practice in the central Arkansas area for over 25 years. To view detailed information regarding Consorteum Holding’s talented leadership team, visit the following link: Consorteum’s Leadership Team