Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) Investor Relations Kit

As a result, and through a mix of direct offerings, strategic partnerships, license agreements and joint venture arrangements, the company is widening its industry reach with the ability to deploy complex mobile transactional solutions to end users and provide mobile offerings, deliv- ery of content, payment and product solutions to many thriving markets that are in the business of providing mobile FinTech solutions. The company’s Universal Mobile Interface™ (“UMI”) solution offers tremendous opportunity in its capacity to support fully regulated, region- ally compliant financial and social transactions via web and mobile. Consorteum Holding’s UMI technology allows efficient, cost effective and seamless cross-operating system functionality to support mobile devices. The platform has the capacity to provide unique and next-gen- eration solutions in multiple verticals, such as in financial technology (FinTech), data analytics, secure payment processing, compliance lead transaction management and various digital social event sectors. In order to build upon its extensive expertise with transaction and pay- ment management solutions, the company’s initial strategy focuses on delivering solutions to the global mobile FinTech market, specifically with targeted emphasis on mobile gaming. Consorteum’s management team combines extensive experience in tech- nology, programming, systems hardware and software design, large system building and engineering coupled with expertise and proven success in business development, marketing and strategic planning. With its strong leadership team, unique platform, and aggressive cross-industry business strategy, Consorteum Holdings is poised for growth to deliver mobile net- working, secure transactional processing and social connectivity solutions for both cloud and hosted offerings in multiple business sectors.