Earth Science Tech, Inc. (ETST) Investor Relations Kit

Product Pipeline The company has secured various strategic partnerships to expand its product pipeline. A joint venture with Karmavore SuperFood is set to manufacture a new chocolate product. Another with Varsity Group, LLC, a kanna ingredient based e-liquid company, widens Earth Science Tech’s presence in the recreational vape/product market through man- ufacture and distribution of vapes/e-liquids and gummy edibles. Retail Distribution ETST products are available at various retail stores throughout the United States, as well as via the internet for online purchase. In addition to the company’s efforts to expand its presence in health shops and clinics, ETST has recently added its first major distributor, Mr. Checkout, in order to enter multiple larger retail stores. Mr. Checkout is a national group of independent distributors, representing products in approximately 55,000 stores and via over 60 major retailers throughout the U.S. The distribution agreement significantly expands Earth Science Tech’s reach, opening the opportunity for its products to reach the shelves of many major retailers, such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Wholefoods Market and Target. Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Research and Development Earth Science Tech is in the process of developing new products and has secured a number of partnerships with strategic plans to extend its reach within the medical cannabis market. The following are among the company’s ventures to produce innovative and effective new products and promote advancement in this booming sector: D D Cannabis Therapeutics, Inc. (“CTI”) – ETST’s subsidiary CTI is invested in research and development to explore and harness the medicinal power of cannabidiol. The company holds a provisional application patent for a CBD product. The R&D for this product is focused on developing treatments for breast and ovarian cancers, including pre- ventative and treatment therapies.