Lexaria 15-Minute Presentation

20 Investor Presentation How Does DehydraTECH ™ Work? Process: Results: Fatty acids are believed to block and shunt bound APIs away from bitter taste receptors* 1) Combine API and Fatty Acid Oil LCFA: sunflower oil + 2) Apply to food/carrier particles e.g.: mannitol, gum Arabic, etc. 3) Dehydration processing step *Coupland & Hayes (2014). Pharm Res. Nov 31(11); 2921-2939 **Soehngen et al., (1998). Arthritis & Rheumatism. Vol 31, No. 3. ***Iqbal & Hussain (2009). Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. Jun;296(6);E1184-94. Small intestine quickly absorbs LCFAs into lymphatics (bypassing first pass liver effect) and MCFAs via the liver*** Lipids enable gastric protection and rapid passage** API = Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient LCFA = Long Chain Fatty Acid; MCFA = Medium Chain Fatty Acid Colloidal Complex Cannabidiol