Spectrum Global Solutions, Inc. (SGSI) Investor Relations Kit

Market Opportunity The telecom industry is projected to show a high growth cycle from 2018 through 2025 driven by an explosion in mobile data traffic, including a staggering four-fold domestic increase. According to Deloitte, up to $150 billion in fiber investment is required in the United States over the next five to seven years ( http://nnw.fm/ U0WiF ). In addition, in the new era of technology and the world- wide growth and reliance of smart phones, tablets and devices, customers are demanding better coverage, enhanced capacity, private networks and rapid deployment of new apps. This provides compelling opportunity in the market for specialized services and enterprise solutions. A projected $157 billion in telecommunication carrier capital expenditures in the U.S. alone is driven by a plethora of contributing factors. These include rollout of fifth generation (“5G”) mobile networks, Internet-Of-Things (“IOT”) technology deployments, the FirstNet national public safety system, small cell/network densi- fication, Dish Network deployment, fiber and infrastructure network builds for backhaul and expanded deployments, new FCC spectrum auctions and upgrades to 4G, DAS and small cell networks.