Sharing Services Global Corporation Investor Relations Presentation

3 GLOBAL CORPORATION • Diversified holding company specializing in the direct selling industry and network marketing. • Offers entrepreneurial opportunities and a wide range of products and services catered to today’s consumer. • Employing unique “Blue Ocean Strategy” that empowers entrepreneurs and engages a paradigm shift in business leadership across a broad range of vibrant sectors. • Company offers business development support through live seminars and training events, as well as attractive compensation and rewards programs. • Social media boosts network marketing and provides cost-effective advertising and engagement with consumers. • Positioned in thriving global direct selling market, which soared to record highs in 2017, reaching $189.6 billion. • Record 20.5 million people involved in direct selling in U.S., reflecting a 31% increase over a five-year period. • Estimated U.S. direct retail sales of $35.54 billion in 2016 marks the second-largest in direct selling history. • Expanding internationally with marketing and sales rights in thriving markets across Asia. • Growing collaborative economy poses opportunities for direct selling, with consumers giving industry 81% neutral or high favorability ratings. • Company experiencing rapid growth, with recent record-breaking boost in sales upon launch of health and wellness products.