Sharing Services Global Corporation Investor Relations Presentation

4 New and Diversified Strategy SHRG formed its unique and innovative Blue Ocean Strategy to create the next paradigm shift in a once stagnant industry model. SHRG was born with a mission to effect change in a market that has been largely monopolized by direct selling. SHRG recognized the need following years during which a few large companies collectively offered the same designations at the same published pricing, with little to no options for consumers. In addition, the price to stake claim and expand competitive offerings in the industry has been steep. More than a decade ago, the company’s founder, direct-sales pioneer Robert Oblon, set out to elevate lives. With a long history in the industry, Oblon innately understood the empowerment people experience when they take the reins on the future. That’s the inspiration behind the Elepreneur concept—a simpler, more inventive approach to sales and marketing (an Elevated Entrepreneur). GLOBAL CORPORATION CONTINUED... SHRG planned to launch and market multiple companies and brands; however, after the launch of Elepreneurs and Elevacity Global in December 2017, the company has experience such incredible sales that it has only focused on those two companies during 2018. Management has been put in place, and these two companies continue to grow on a managed platform. SHRG is looking to launch additional companies in its portfolio sometime in 2019. Additionally, SHRG has identified four specific keys to success, building on its competitive advantage: • Attract and retain driven entrepreneurs and shape how home-based Elepreneurs succeed • Continue to expand holdings portfolio • Rely on expert guidance of proven core leadership team • Capitalize on forecast growth of direct selling industry BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY Leading the effort to create the next paradigm shift in business leadership.