VPR Brands Investor Presentation

Cannabis Vertical VPR Brands launched GoldLine CBD in 2018 to enter into the cannabis consumables space. We believe that this will be a major growth driver for the company in 2019 due to current trends in the market. With major regulatory shifts toward the CBD vertical, the market is forecast to balloon to an estimated $22 billion by 2022. We believe that VPR Brands is positioned to capture market share through a diverse portfolio of offerings as shown below: ▪ 10% of revenue 2018 ▪ 15 SKUs currently ▪ Company expects to capitalize on the CBD opportunity and deploy a second CBD brand into the market in 2019, “Dr. Good Hemps,” to meet the demands of a differentiated consumer. ▪ High potency CBD gummies ▪ Strong distinct CBD ▪ High quality CBD coated for fast activation ▪ Great flavor ▪ Goldline gummies of high strength and delicious feel just seem to melt in the mouth and provide quick activation and the strong onset of CBD. Each gummy is high potency and uses a high-quality CBD glaze, so from the moment it touches your tongue you feel the CBD start to work. Daily CBD Gummies. ▪ 100 MG of CBD pre-loaded ▪ Pharmaceutical grade CBD ▪ 4 great flavor options ▪ 0.5Ml total fill ▪ Glass mouthpiece and glass tank for purity ▪ Ceramic heater for amazing flavor accentuation ▪ No maintenance ▪ 4 Flavors: Natural | Mango | Tropical | Strawberry ▪ Ready –to-go prefilled CBD vape pens that you simply open and vape for the convenient delivery of CBD. Goldline CBD vape pens are pre-loaded and ready to vape, and when the tank runs dry, you can simply toss it and buy another one. ▪ Full spectrum Colorado extracted ▪ 250 MG concentration ▪ High potency immediate CBD delivery ▪ Perfect for Dab pens [not included] ▪ Strong distinct natural taste ▪ Rapid activation ▪ Strongest CBD delivery to vape ▪ CBD crumble is full spectrum extract that is CBD-rich and has the most potent delivery and activation among CBD vape products. This crumble is extracted from the highest grade of CBD flower and is in a solid format to be placed and vaped on an open coil vaporizer. ▪ Flavorful blend of liquid CBD ▪ Great way to start a CBD regimen ▪ 30ml CBD Oil ▪ Pharmaceutical grade CBD ▪ 4 Flavor options for tasty CBD delivery ▪ Vaporable or ingestible ▪ 100mg • 300mg • 500mg strengths available ▪ 4 Flavors: Natural | Mango | Tropi-cool | Strawberry Goldline ▪ CBD oils & tinctures are a great way to get started using CBD with a high-quality CBD oil that you can orally ingest as well as vape out of a tank for your preferred delivery method. CBD Goldline offers with its oils and tinctures 3 different intensity levels within its 30Ml bottle.