Cybin Company Presentation

Journey™ is being positioned for accelerated growth within North America through: (1) Only a few brands have made mushroom nutraceutical products that appeal to the millennial generation Mega companies have a great appetite to acquire the next big thing in the nutraceutical sector 18 Opportunity in the Nutraceutical Mushroom Market P r i v a t e & C o n f i d e n t i a l • A key focus on medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens • A robust digital marketing strategy that will connect with millennials • Proprietary formulations & clinically backed ingredients • Proprietary form factors (1) Forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and assumptions. See “Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Information” on page 2 of this presentation. (2) Packaging is conceptual and may not adhere to requirements of applicable legislation of certain territories (2)