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People are affected globally with some sort of mental illness, addiction or eating disorder (4) Source: World Health Organization Over 700 Million (1 ) mc/articles/PMC5007565/ Global US$800B direct and US$1.7T indirect economic costs from mental disorders (1) Source: National Centre For Biotechnology Information US $2.5 Trillion Canadian direct and indirect economic costs of mental disorders (3) Source: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health C $51 Billion American direct and indirect economic costs of mental disorders (2) Source: National Institute of mental health US $467 Billion 1 in 4 people In the world will be affected by mental or Neurological disorders at some point in their lives (5) Source: World Health Organization Americans take psychiatric drugs (6) Source: NBC News 40+ Million Market Opportunity Highlights for Psychedelics 6 P r i v a t e & C o n f i d e n t i a l (2) insel/blog/2015/mental-health-awareness-month-by-the-numbers.shtml (3) health-statistics (4) ( n/) & ( statistics.htm) & ( news/researchers-release-first-report-worldwide-addiction- statistics/) (6) americans-take-antidepressants-other-psychiatric-drugs-n695141 (5 )