The Sustainable Green Team Company Presentation

The Sustainable Green Team, LTD. ( SGTM ), through its subsidiaries, including National Storm Recovery, LLC (d.b.a. Central Florida Arbor Care and Mulch Manufacturing, Inc.), provides tree services, debris hauling, removal and biomass recycling, manufacturing, packaging and sales of next-generation mulch products. The company ’ s primary corporate objective is to provide a solution for the treatment and handling of tree debris that has been historically sent to local landfills and disposal sites, creating an environmental burden and pressure on disposal sites around the nation. Environmentally Friendly SGTM and the solutions provided by its Sustainable Green Team are founded in sustainability. The company ’ s vertically integrated operations begin with the collection of tree debris through its tree services division and collection sites. Tree bio-mass is then moved through the processing division for recycling and manufacturing into a variety of organic, attractive, next-generation mulch products to be packaged and sold to retailers, landscapers, installers and garden centers. The company ’ s solutions create a synergistic and environmentally beneficial solution to tree and storm waste disposal that historically has created an environmental burden on landfills and disposal sites around the nation. SGTM ’ s customers include governmental, residential and commercial customers and now big box retailers. The company is headquartered in Florida. Strategic Acquisition SGTM in February 2020 acquired 35-year-old industry leader and innovator Mulch Manufacturing, Inc., an Ohio corporation. Structured as a share exchange, this strategic partnership provides SGTM with a significantly larger footprint in the mulch industry. The acquisition includes Mulch Manufacturing ’ s national and international distribution agreements, an increase in production and packaging capacity, and its sales contracts with numerous big box retailers. Mulch Manufacturing includes mulch production, sawmill operation, Natures Reflections colorant manufacturing and equipment manufacturing. Next-Generation Products SGTM ’ s vision and commitment to the environment is paired with Mulch Manufacturing ’ s revolutionary “ next-generation ” mulch product, Nature ’ s Reflection ’ s Softscape ® . Softscape mulch products, created from natural forest products, are color- enhanced with environmentally safe colorants to provide four-year color retention and are free from contaminants. Safe for people and pets, Softscape allows water and air to penetrate soil and roots, which is vital to plant health