Youngevity International Investor Presentation

25 YGYI Announces Exclusive Cross-Marketing Agreement with Icelandic Glacial™ Youngevity International, Inc.​ announces that it will be adding Icelandic Glacial™–The Purest Tasting Water on Earth–to its growing, multifaceted lineup of lifestyle brands in the health, wellness, and food and beverage industries by agreeing to an exclusive sales and marketing agreement with the brand. ● Youngevity and Icelandic Glacial will be exclusive cross-marketing partners for each other internationally for three years ● Icelandic Glacial and Youngevity will work exclusively with one another as joint development partners to create exciting new products across the lifestyle, health, and food and beverage industries with the potential for a drinkable CBD product being at the forefront of potential collaborations ● The partnership includes packaging the super-premium spring water from Iceland with various Youngevity products including 90 For Life supplements ● These products will be made available through Youngevity’s sizeable direct selling network